About - Where's My Market? - market trader directory Where’s My Market? (WMM) Is a market trader directory, an online directory designed to provide an external presence for market traders based across the West Midlands region.

Where’s My Market? is an innovative platform boasting three different membership packages for your market stall – whatever your sector, wherever your location in the region.

Alongside being a hub for traders, WMM is also a one-stop shop for consumers eager to find out information about their local markets and the whereabouts of their local traders on any given day.

Devised and developed by a young entrepreneur from Wolverhampton, WMM market trader directory is the only website providing this service for market traders specifically within the West Midlands region, and is driven by the creator’s commitment to the economic regeneration of the area and his passion for markets in and around his home patch!

By signing up to the WMM platform, market traders in the West Midlands are able to have an online presence for their market stall without the cost and hassle of hosting and maintaining their own website – a pretty good deal, if we may say so ourselves!

Despite being an online hub, WMM is all about encouraging customers to get out there and visit their local markets and their local traders. After all, if footfall dies away, so too will our markets. That’s not what we want – and we don’t think you do, either.

Put simply, the aim of WMM is to increase sales for market traders and trade for market operators thanks to an increased online visibility, and to provide information about these markets for potential customers.

What else can come from WMM? Away from increased sales and trade, we believe it can lead – in the long term – to a thriving market scene, which would encourage a reduction in unemployment in the region and provide an environment for budding entrepreneurs to take their first steps in the world of business.

We believe the time is right for a Market Revolution. Will you join us in achieving it?