Defy the Decline with Where’s My Market?

You may have been aware of the decline occurring in markets over the years, both internally with the demise of market traders retiring from the trade to try out more secure options, and externally with reductions of the markets themselves. It appears markets are seemingly appealing less to start up’s as an option, and not providing enough stability for traders to persevere due to major factors such as the increase of larger supermarkets being built nearby, as well as online shopping being used more frequently today, which are what many traders have suggested as an explanation for the reduction of footfall in markets.

None of this is the market trader’s fault; the world has evolved with the internet and with that, markets have been slightly left behind as old marketing methods were all that were necessary in a world without eBay and large super markets on your doorstep. Traders simply never had the tools to compete or were not prepared for what was to come. Where’s My Market? is that tool, and with the markets and traders support, we will defy the decline in markets.

Market traders #DefytheDecline with Where’s My Market?

Professional Market Pricing - Where's My MarketTraders can make a difference through helping themselves and becoming members of Where’s My Market? By becoming a member, you (the market trader) will be getting the exposure needed on a platform that can push markets further, and in return you will not only build your brand and increase footfall, but you will be an important piece in the future of markets.

By becoming a member, you help us give markets more content online, and with more content we create more relevance and exposure. With this we make a bigger impact on the online world to benefit the market overall. Where’s My Market? defies the decline by listing market traders online, to increase trade offline and by doing so they don’t have to leave the markets, but instead inspire others to try out their ambitions by starting with a market.

It is simple: the more members there are, the better the chance we defy the decline.

Where’s My Market? is a platform that not only list market traders, but markets and advertises them. We create a simple and easy profile page for market traders to set up and attach their stalls to their markets in that area. Where’s My Market? then does the rest with marketing by making it easier for market shoppers to locate their favourite traders and track them. We enable traders to list all the necessary details potential shoppers should know, as well as help traders build trust and relationships with customers, for as little as £1.25 a week and even less if a yearly membership was taken out.

Where’s My Market? currently has a 28-day promotion package for free, with no bank details required for West Midlands market traders. Sign up now with the FREE promotion HERE

Where’s My Market? is the platform where market traders get the extra promotion they need, the platform that glorifies market traders and the only platform that solely promotes market stalls.

Together, we will #DefytheDecline.

Defy The Decline - Where's My Market? - #DefytheDecline