The Free Promo Offer

As some of you may not know Where’s My Market? has a free promo offer of 28 days for new traders who sign up to the site, but due to Where’s My Market? not being where we want it to be at the moment to justify a charge for our members, we are extending the free promo package until we are in a position where the website actually is able to make a difference. Therefore, existing members and new members who sign up today, are able to gain months of free advertising and promotion and in return Where’s My Market? gets the members which enables us to feed the information to the public to build the website’s reputation and traffic.

The free promo offer is a basic membership package, but in special circumstances additional extras may be added, in the case of special market stalls, and cafés. With this package you are able to list your contact details, email address, opening days and hours, picture of the stall, have a bio as long as you want, list what you sell and are able to advise your customer the closest place to park, as well as making your stall more likely to be found online.

Many people won’t know this but Where’s My Market? offers a service whereby if a market trader or market operator asks us to come down and sign up traders there and then, we book a date and this is exactly what we do. We find this is helpful, as it is quicker and easier for traders to set up as we do it for them, and also easier for any market traders with dyslexia. We also edit the profiles for our members should they wish for us to help them stand out more and make sure their profile is legible and all information necessary gets shared.

It is normal to be sceptical as nothing is free, but in the case of our free promo package, it really is free, no bank details are required, all you need is an email address, and to click on the confirmation link. When signing up you may see a box that says bank transfer, but you will find if you click the free promo offer package when signing up, you will get into the back end of the website where you won’t need to add any bank details at all. Financially we don’t gain anything from the promo package but with more members on the website the more of a difference we can make, which is why it is free.

Markets that don’t have a website can benefit from Where’s My Market? a lot as this is a website that will list all their traders for them, effectively saving them money in building the site, maintaining it, and SEO and marketing. In 2017 markets need to be working online as well as offline, and not let the online dominance destroy them, but instead let the online world improve them. Let’s use the online shopping community to our advantage and let everybody know exactly where our market stalls are at all opening times and on which days.

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