How can Where’s My Market? help me?

The question has been asked of how can Where’s My Market? help me?


Besides the obvious listing appeal, the extra marketing, and keeping market stalls connected with the customers online, there is a whole lot more. In light of this, we have simply demonstrated just a few examples on how Where’s My Market? can push your market stall.


Gift stalls – Flowers/Candles/Cards
Reminiscents Wax Melts - Where's My Market? - Plaza MallThere are many ways we can help your stall boost trade with extra marketing pushes on special occasions such as Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s day to name a few. It is in these periods where your stall can make the most of being listed on our directory, where shoppers usually conform with local trends, and are more inclined to buy flowers as a gift choice. At the moment supermarkets dominate these periods with their big marketing schemes and this is a reason why many opt to buy flowers at a higher price than they would at their local market.
With your flower stall being listed on our directory in these high demand periods, we will be sure to give market stalls of this nature the extra push they need; with extra social media and online marketing campaigns designed for people to search for these exact stalls.


All stalls – Special offers
Dudley Vapes - Where's My Market? - Dudley MarketWe give you the platform to share your special offers online. This enables you to keep your customers up to date and spark an interest with anybody who comes across your listing on our database.
Special offers are a good way to bring customers in whether they purchase or not. Subliminally you are letting them know you have something they could one day want and therefore letting them know you are an option. With our help, you can spread the news of your special offers by utilising our social media pages, with shares and retweets designed to target shoppers specifically looking for a bargain.


International cuisine stalls

Where's My Market - Murphy African English Caribbean fruit and veg - Stafford Market

International cuisine is widely sought after and not so easily found unless at a local market. As the saying goes, ‘help me, help you’ and this is exactly what we do. With having stalls that sell diverse products such as international fruit and vegetables or hot food, this helps us to expand our presence online, and helps your stall to be found easier.
With these products/services being unique it allows us to utilise search engine optimisation to attract people to your stalls and drives traffic through our website. We can do this with direct online marketing which means we can specifically aim our SEO and marketing at your specific products, with specific key words to help raise your stalls visibility online.




Where’s My Market? is a truly unique platform that can help you in many more ways than the few listed above. It can be used to build your brand, help increase your stalls reputation, help build customer relationships and by being found online, it may help potential customers to trust you easier.

Take advantage of us today and seek the benefits of your market stall being found online.

How can Where's My Market? help me?