How markets got given a life line, online!

How markets got given a life line, online! is by a website set to revolutionise markets in West Midlands and by helping traders be found online.

Where’s My Market? is a one of a kind online directory and marketing platform solely for market traders.

The man behind the idea, Mathew Walters, was inspired by his trips with his mum to her bric-a-brac stall.

When asked how he arrived at this idea, the 26-year old explained how markets got given a life line, online and how his original plan was to set up his market stall and build from there. His plan was to build up revenue until he could buy a shop and sell products, but as markets aren’t on every day, he soon realised he would only have a limited time to sell.

He said: “The idea came about was whilst I was still in university. I knew I wanted to pursue self-employment and work for myself. I was inspired by the market tasks in The Apprentice as I thought I could easily do that, so I decided that would be my first mini business.

He also told of how he had previous market knowledge as his mum had done a few bric-a-brac markets when he was young, and he fondly remembered helping. Mathew also stated that his light-bulb moment occurred when he came to the realisation that market traders have no online presence in terms of a one way shop for all, where people could search local markets and stock, and where traders could be found online, as well as offering delivery services and making their markets 24/7.

As we started to understand his vision, we asked the technical questions, such as how he planned to get traders on there, and would there be any cost to this? The response we received was as follows:

Traders are able to access three levels of membership.

Basic membership of £5 a month gives traders one stall listing where they can list what they sell, add in contact details, tips for parking as well as images and maps.

The £10 Regular membership allows for three stall listings, list opening hours and provide a gallery of images.

The final package was the Professional, at a £15 a month subscription which gives five stall listings, option to be a featured stall and links to social media profiles and website.

The good news for anyone currently reading this is that Mathew mentioned he is currently implementing a promotional offer for market traders to sign up for free with this 28-day promotional package.

Mathew’s business has already caught the attention of Richard Branson’s Virgin StartUp loans company, who early last year made him their StartUp of the Week after securing a start up loan.

It is clear that there is something in this venture which can be successful as well as useful, and any traders or market managers should take note and have a look at what Where’s My Market? can do for you today.

It is also evident that Mathew is a very determined and focused individual as he is consistently visiting various markets, speaking to traders one on one and offering his services i.e. signing them up on the spot for free with the promotional package, and even offering to write traders’ profiles for them, should they wish. “Market towns have been around for hundreds of years – to lose them would be an absolute travesty and something I am not willing to sit back and watch that happen.”

How markets got given a life line, online!

How markets got given a life line, online!