Markets in the West Midlands

Markets in the West Midlands

Markets in the West Midlands can be tracked back for centuries with many historical markets in its ranks, as well as a few success stories amongst them. Such stories come from examples such as the story of the Smiths, originating from the popular Bilston market in Wolverhampton. Father and son, Keith and Steve Smith first opened and had many times of success at Bilston market on a Saturday, which they highlight to be a big part of their achievements and of which would later be an important contribution in the decision to create the very recognisable brand that is Pound Land.

” It isn’t rocket science, but stall holding teaches you canny business practice in a hurry at a very early age. “ Smith

Markets in the West Midlands are a valued part of the community as well as in the market industry, with some success stories in the past from markets such as Bilston and Coventry being recognised by the Great British Market Awards and decorated.

Where's My Market? - Markets in the West Midlands - Bilston market

Where’s My Market? – Markets in the West Midlands – Bilston market

The West Midlands has a rich history in markets and many of the traders share these stories every day at their local pitch. Unfortunately, due to the decline we are losing more of these traders every day, and each day a seasoned trader leaves, a part of that market’s history dies too. With our #DefyTheDecline social media campaign we encourage our members to share their stories of trading and their history via their online market stall profiles. We believe this is a great way to create a community and by sharing their stories to the online world it shows there is more to market trading.

Market traders are people with great stories and it is often the case of there is more than meets the eye with many. There is not a way yet where we can replicate the atmosphere online, but there is a way we can capture the magic of a market, and this is by sharing great stories, as well as listing important information. Members of Where’s My Market? should use this tool to connect and build relationships with their customers and turn them into admirers.

“ You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.”  B. Sher

Where’s My Market? offer a service to market traders whereby we give them a platform, we market this platform, we advertise this platform with an aim to grow so that we can produce a result, in which market traders of the West Midlands can grow. We not only want to restore history, we want to help our market traders make it.

We offer a free 28-day promotional package for market traders in the West Midlands which we actively encourage you to try out, and with reading this article if you quote Extension after the 28-day free promotional package is over, we will extend it for a further 28 days.

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