How to use Facebook to grow your market stall

How to use Facebook to grow your market stall. Over 2 billion people per month are using Facebook, with over a billion per day consistently logging in. Huge organisations like Coca Cola and McDonald’s are utilising Facebook in their digital marketing strategies, with consistent content and competitions to help maintain relationships with customers and to […]

How can Where’s My Market? help me?

The question has been asked of how can Where’s My Market? help me?   Besides the obvious listing appeal, the extra marketing, and keeping market stalls connected with the customers online, there is a whole lot more. In light of this, we have simply demonstrated just a few examples on how Where’s My Market? can […]

The Free Promo Offer

As some of you may not know Where’s My Market? has a free promo offer of 28 days for new traders who sign up to the site, but due to Where’s My Market? not being where we want it to be at the moment to justify a charge for our members, we are extending the […]

How markets got given a life line, online!

How markets got given a life line, online! is by a website set to revolutionise markets in West Midlands and by helping traders be found online. Where’s My Market? is a one of a kind online directory and marketing platform solely for market traders. The man behind the idea, Mathew Walters, was inspired by his trips […]

Markets in the West Midlands

Markets in the West Midlands Markets in the West Midlands can be tracked back for centuries with many historical markets in its ranks, as well as a few success stories amongst them. Such stories come from examples such as the story of the Smiths, originating from the popular Bilston market in Wolverhampton.

Defy the Decline with Where’s My Market?

You may have been aware of the decline occurring in markets over the years, both internally with the demise of market traders retiring from the trade to try out more secure options, and externally with reductions of the markets themselves. It appears markets are seemingly appealing less to start up’s as an option, and not […]

WMM? Trader Benefits & Facts

By joining Where’s My Market?, you as a market trader will benefit from modernisation, we will bring you online, and spoil you with marketing and advertising. I know many traders have not had the luxury of this sort of treatment, we will gain you more custom, promote your market stall, market you, and share your […]