A simple way to make the best of online marketing

2017 is fast approaching and markets are still being held back in the 1980s and 1990s with their lack of online marketing methods. Today this is not enough, and in 2020 I will make a bold prediction that if the people of the markets stop holding back and hit back as hard as they can today, with updated marketing methods and by utilising the internet to the market’s advantage, markets will thrive again.

Why online marketing should be implemented

As a person in the market business what is there to lose? Markets have visibly shrunk and online marketing has considerably grown. The internet has grown and made it cheap to reach an audience it was not possible to reach before, unless you were one of the financially wealthy.  There are many ways to utilise online marketing for free, that can extend your brands presence with social media marketing platforms such as the popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There are also blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger as well as InstagramTumblr and Linkedin, amongst the hundreds of others. These sites are good sites as they already have thousands of users already using them, which makes it easier to distribute content across them and interact with consumers, but to get the best results you must know how.

The catch

Online marketing is free and social media platforms are a great asset to businesses in all genres. The possibilities online are endless and yes, you can even create your own free custom website as long as you make sacrifices in the URL at least. Of course, you must know what you are doing though as this is where the problems occur which deter many small businesses joining the online market place. This is simply because they don’t know what they are doing when trying to get their brand to peak online.  Brands know what social media networks their clients are on but have trouble getting to them through competition or lack of knowledge on how to best reach their target market using a specific platform.

When creating your own free website, after figuring out the basics, uploading all of the content and ensuring the website is fully operational, you run into the problem of getting people to visit your website. Now unless you are an internet marketing guru, you will not get it anywhere near where it needs to rank for people to click on it without you having to move a finger or using google Adwords/PPC at a not so friendly cost. Alternatively, what you can do if you have the time is to start training yourself on search engine optimisation (SEO) which could be never ending, with the constant updates from google and other search engines you won’t ever stop learning and will always be updating to stay ahead of your competitors.

I can imagine in a market traders case, maintaining a website, maintaining the marketing of the website, and keeping up with SEO trends as well as running the day to day task of the physical market stall will be impossible to manage.

The solution

Where’s My Market? market trader directory is the solution. It is our job to get your market stall noticed, it is our job to get to the top so that market traders gain an online presence. We take care of our SEO, we take care of our social media marketing and we are on the correct platforms to reach the required target audience. Where’s My Market? has provided the perfect platform, currently only for market traders of the West Midlands to be found by creating an online hub for traders to be listed and easily found. It is also a one stop shop for the consumers eager to find out information about their local markets and the whereabouts of their local traders on any given day.

Where’s My Market? is an innovative platform boasting three different membership packages for your market stall ranging from as cheap as £1.25 to £3.75 a week – whatever your sector, wherever your location in the region. We also offer a 28-day FREE promo package so that traders can get a feel of Where’s My Market? market trader directory.

By signing up to the Where’s My Market? market traders in the West Midlands are able to have an online presence for their market stall without the cost and hassle of hosting and maintaining their own website – a pretty good deal, if we may say so ourselves!

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