How to use Facebook to grow your market stall

How to use Facebook to grow your market stall.

Over 2 billion people per month are using Facebook, with over a billion per day consistently logging in. Huge organisations like Coca Cola and McDonald’s are utilising Facebook in their digital marketing strategies, with consistent content and competitions to help maintain relationships with customers and to push out and gain feedback on new products.

How to use Facebook to grow your market stall - Stats - Where's My Market - How to use facebook to grow your market stallFacebook has become more than just a social media platform, it has become a key tool for helping with the growth when marketing your business, including your market stall.


Facebook in 2017 is the most used social network with nearly double of their closest competitors (WhatsApp) users. Facebook marketing is being implemented into every business’ marketing strategy, and this is why we have put together our suggestions on how to use Facebook to grow your market stall.



  1. You need Facebook Pages

How to use Facebook to grow your market stall - fb pages - Where's My Market?

Facebook pages is a great addition to Facebook although it has been around for a while now, many market traders don’t seem to be aware of this.

A Facebook page is a profile for your business online listed via Facebook. With a page for your business, people are able to find your market stall on Facebook through a simple search. You are able to collect valuable data and spread awareness of your market stall.

When you use Facebook pages for your market stall, you are able to update your customers on offers and day to day activities, let them know where you are, and you are able to give them access to reach you out of market hours. With a Facebook page you can let people know you exist and also use the platform to gain a lot of valuable feedback on your business.

  1. Don’t be afraid to spend money on Facebook Adverts

How to use Facebook to grow your market stall - fb adds - where's my market?Facebook adverts is one of the most genius additions from Facebook, specifically for small businesses, the amount of detail you can input to have a specific search is brilliant.

Facebook adverts are Facebook’s advertising tool which allows us to create promotional posts usually in the form of a Facebook status, picture or video, then lets us define our search with how much we want to spend per day, and sets a limit automatically so we can’t surpass this, and define it through age range, gender, location and interest.

This tool enables us to specifically target our target market, and analyse what strategies work better enabling us to stay far within budget. As a market stall you can define your search by your local area, and use this to push local offers which people wouldn’t have seen any other way bar physically passing by your market.

  1. A good example of market stalls using Facebook to grow their business

Dave’s Phones – A popular market stall from the famous Bilston market who has been successfully utilising Facebook for some time.

How to use Facebook to grow your market stall - DAVE'S PHONES FACEBOOK = Where's My Market?Dave’s Phones uses Facebook to update their 3,800 plus followers on deals and the latest goings on. For example Dave’s Phones was recently a finalist In the WIRE Awards, the only market stall I believe to be up for an reward.

Dave’s Phones utilised Facebook to gain support and votes to be recognised for this great honour, and without Facebook it would be fair to say their reach out for votes would not have been as successful, as less people would have known to vote compared to the 3,800+ they were able to notify through 1 post.

If you are a market trader and are serious about growing your business we at Where’s My Market? strongly suggest utilising the Facebook platform, as it is free, has over a billion users and enables you to maintain customer relationships online.

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