What we can do for your market stall

What we can do for your market stall with our online hub of markets and stalls is provide you with our support, let you rely on us to give you a push when needed, and receive our support to grow and be a part of a community.

What is good about Where’s My Market? & what we can do for your market stall:

What we can do for traders is limitless. We can give you marketing pushes, support you online, help drive traffic to your personal websites, target your target market for you, give you a platform online where you can have your own profile and be easier to find – a platform where you can keep your customers up to date and find new customers, release news post and have case studies conducted on you.

Even our little things make the biggest of differences, we can;

  • Set up your market page free for you and edit it in a way so that you won’t have to touch it again but will still be relevant.
  • Make your stall easier to find on google.
  • We can come out to you at any market in the West Midlands free of charge.

Where’s My Market? has not even been live a year and we have already been a Virgin Start-up of the week, and a runner up in the Wolverhampton University Business Achievement Awards, we are heading in the right direction and getting a lot of positive attention from the relevant people, making Where’s My Market? the platform to be on.

The key point to remember when you ask what we can do for you is that nobody else is doing this to the scale of Where’s My Market? There is not another website out there that is solely for the market traders, we are the only one and this is because we care and want to help market stalls grow and evolve.

What we can do for your market stall