WMM? Trader Benefits & Facts

By joining Where’s My Market?, you as a market trader will benefit from modernisation, we will bring you online, and spoil you with marketing and advertising. I know many traders have not had the luxury of this sort of treatment, we will gain you more custom, promote your market stall, market you, and share your stall details and products with the whole of the UK.

Where’s My Market? want to make it as easy as possible for you so all you need to do is sign up, choose a package, fill in your details, stall details and add a few photos depending on the package and we will do the rest. This is not an opportunity to be missed, this is revolutionising the market, whilst allowing it to keep its important traditional values. We are not taking away from the market but rather adding to it, in these modern times of iPhone and tablets, they are all dominated and dependent on the internet and markets now are no different.

In our times today the internet is huge in the world of business, allowing many big companies to expand their brand and reach a bigger audience.

“When someone recognises a want or need, their search for the solution will often begin online. In 2014, research found that 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase”.
Source: themarketingpeople.com

How can Where’s My Market? help you with this? Well, when people are online conducting this research, what information is there, online for your market stall? If you have something shoppers want or are looking for, how will they know you have it? Or how will they find out?

We are the main online stop for market traders, if a customer wants information on a market or trader they will visit Where’s My Market? directory, and if you are signed up they will find you.

The internet is growing;
“87.9% of adults in the UK (45.9 million) had recently (in the last 3 months) used the internet, compared with 86.2% in 2015.”
“Women aged 75 and over, had seen the largest rise in recent internet use, up 169.0% from 2011; however, still less than a third (32.6%) were recent users in 2016.”

Source: Ons.gov.uk

So you have to ask yourself are you serious about your market stall? Do you not only want to survive, but also grow? If so, then it is in your best interest that you get online with Where’s My Market? and we can grow together.

We understand you can’t maintain a website, market/advertise it and run your market stall at the same time, it is a lot to ask for which is why signing up to Where’s My Market? will solve all your problems. This website Is perfect for you, our target market is your target market, our business model works off of attracting people to your market stall, people will come to our page to find you. We are here for market traders, we will advertise and market the website to better our members and bring more exposure to individual market traders.

“With your brick and mortar company, you are limited to the number of individuals who can visit you at any given time, let alone find you. With a good website, you can literally have thousands, even tens of thousands of people visiting your online store at once. Imagine the potential for your company, if you could expose your products and services to a potentially unlimited number of interested people.

Being able to have thousands of visitors and actually having them are two different things. The success of an online business depends on the same thing as any off-line business: marketing & learning how to increase online traffic.”
Source: Thebalance.com

Which is exactly what we will be doing for you. Sign up now.

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